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Amanda G Career Tips

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Contributed by Amanda G

Have you ever had a “Case of the Mondays?” You know exactly what I’m talking about; that weird funk you get into post-weekend and you face another week of projects, deadlines, and TPS Reports. We’ve all been there at one time or another. But, then you notice these days coming on more frequently; it’s not just Monday’s, but mid-week you find it a struggle to peel yourself out of bed in the morning. Perhaps it is time for a change! Now, before you make any irrational decisions and burn that bridge, think it through. Ask yourself a few questions, to get a real “feel” for where you are at, and where you are going.

Five Years From Now

Do you see yourself doing this very job for the next 5 years? Does the very thought of it elicit panic? If so…it may be time to consider a change. You should be able to enjoy what you do; granted, there will be good days, there will be bad. But do the bad tend to outweigh the good…? Consider this when making the decision to change jobs!

Future Opportunities

Do you feel that you have little, if any opportunities to grow and contribute? Do you feel pigeon-holed into the same ol’, same ol’ every day? That there is no variety? Perhaps you feel like your employer doesn’t respect you enough to acknowledge your contributions and efforts? Then, it may be time for a change. I am sure you have heard it one time or another; people don’t quit their job, they quit their boss- I believe this holds very true. Granted, not every situation, there are plenty of good bosses out there who offer credit where it is due-but if you feel like a minion or just a number…it may be time to move on.

Does Your Current Role Bring Excitement?

When you think about projects/opportunities ahead of you, does it stress you out, or does it give you a sense of excitement? Projects or new opportunities can foster a sense of achievement, make you strive to do better, and to be your best self forward.  Do you want to do better? I mean, REALLY succeed? Then you must also be willing to put the work into it. If you heart is not in it, it will be reflected in your work. If you find little or no excitement in your role, then it may be time to evaluate exactly what it is you WOULD enjoy.

Are You Reaching Your Full Potential?

Finally, are you utilizing your best skills- or do you feel your potential is not being reached? Have you ever caught yourself saying, “I know I can do XYZ, if only I were given a chance to prove myself.” Or, “I feel bored. I’m not challenged. I want more.” Those who tap into their skill set will show much more satisfaction at work than those who have become complacent. You know the type, the people who merely hold onto a job because it’s what they are used to, and are too afraid to make the change. Remember: change can be good.

Can You Afford to Change Jobs?

Of course there are many other factors that you will have to take into consideration: can you afford to change jobs? As much as we wish it did not, money does make the world go around. Don’t cut yourself so badly that you realize you can no longer afford your basic needs. If you believe a lower paying job will fulfill you, think of ways you can cut expenses to make it a reality. Perhaps skip the morning Starbucks coffee; carpool if you can; in fact, every little bit helps. Perhaps you will want to consider making a Pros & Con’s list. Be realistic; there is much more to consider here than just the almighty dollar. Will it work for your schedule? Are you looking for more flexibility, perhaps more work-life balance? Another important question to consider is how will this affect my benefits/insurance coverage? Will I be paying more out of pocket for a new insurance and have less coverage? Is the coverage better or worse, or are my physicians in the network? Also, asking what contribution if any an employer makes towards 401k can be a deciding factor as well.

In conclusion; just do your homework. Don’t make an irrational career choice that you may regret later, but keep in mind, life is too short to be miserable. Dig deep, determine what means the most to YOU, and go for it! 

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