Q:  Do I pay any fees to Sedona Staffing Services for finding me a job?

A:  No, there is never a fee to the job seeker.

Q: Does Sedona Staffing Services only do Temporary work? 

A: No. Sedona is a full-service employment agency, meaning that we offer the following types of job placements:

Q: How can Sedona Staffing Services help me as a job seeker?

A:  By submitting 1 application through Sedona, you can potentially be considered for hundreds of jobs in your field.  Other value offerings include:

Q: How do I apply?

A: The easiest way to apply is online.  You can also apply at a Sedona office.  After completing your application, we will meet with you one-on-one to discuss opportunities.

Q: What should I bring in to register and/or interview?

A: Documents to verify your eligibility to work.  Most commonly used: Driver’s License and Social Security Card.

Q: Who should I contact to get assistance with online registration?

A: We’d be happy to help you with your registration, please contact a Sedona representative with any questions via phone or email.

Q: Does Sedona have computers in the office that I can use to register?

A: Yes, Sedona offers computers dedicated solely to applicant registration.  No appointment is necessary; however if you’d like to schedule a specific time, you can contact your local Sedona branch.

Q: Do I need a resume?  Can Sedona help me with my resume, and is there a cost?

A resume is not required for all job opportunities; however it is often recommended.  Once you have registered with Sedona, we are able to provide you tools for resume building, at no cost.

Q: Where is Sedona located?

A:  Sedona currently has 11 offices in the Tri-State area.

Q: After applying for work, when is work available to start?

A:  Employment start dates are dependent on available opportunities and your skill set/experience.  After completing the online registration and in-person interview, employment can potentially begin as early as the following day.

Q: How will I find out about a job opening?

A: Job opportunities and assignments can be found on our website.  We may also communicate opportunities via phone, email, or text messaging.

Q: If I work this week, when will I get paid?

A: Time cards are due each Monday by 10am, and you will be paid the following Friday.  Paychecks are issued weekly.

Q: Do you offer Direct Deposit?

A: Yes.  If you are interested in Direct Deposit, please complete the Direct Deposit form and return to a Sedona office.  After submitting the form, expect 1-2 weeks for Direct Deposit to become effective.

Q: Do you provide benefits?

A: Sedona is ACA compliant.  The program includes, but is not limited to:

Q:  How do I update my contact information?

A: The easiest way to do this is online.  For questions regarding this process, contact a Sedona branch.

Q: When are W-2s issued? 

A: You will receive your W2 by January 31st.

Q: What can I do within my online profile?

A: Your online profile allows you to:

Q: I’m interested in work outside of the IA, WI, or IL area, who should I contact?

A: We have employment opportunities nationwide, as well as globally.  Please contact our Dubuque office at 563-556-3040 to learn more.