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On this team collaboration and openness are valued. We believe that teamwork and respect for each other lead to superior results. We elevate and support each other and obsess about application security, data protection, quality, performance and automation. We are focused on our responsibility to help our customers achieve their goals. Together, our quest is to improve/automate reimbursements to providers.  The Reimbursement Optimization Solutions Team is looking for an experienced UI/UX developer to help take the existing vanilla workflow application to the next level, a jazzed up, highly responsive, and informational user experience that will boost productivity and growth of the business. You will work closely with the product owner and cross-functional teams to develop and deliver creative pages and processes. This team is thinking big, planning for near real-time alerts, streaming and automated workflows that leverage AI/ML and keep users, managers and stakeholders well informed.  You Are:  • A builder. Confidently drive projects from strategy through execution. You’ve got a whole arsenal of tools and techniques at your disposal that you dispatch appropriately depending on the customer and business goals. You rationalize and implement in an agile fashion, bringing value, purpose, and utility at each step. You are creative with typography, color, and animation. And you get stuff done! • A thinker. You think larger than just the task at hand. You can analyze a problem and come to a solution, you can extrapolate from the nebulous and get to the concrete quickly. You have lots of experience working within large and complicated web systems with many touch points. You often think about security and scalability and adaptability across products and platforms.  • Passionate. You are genuinely interested in what you do and seek continuous improvement. You make it your business to know as much as you can about the business and people you are delivering for and advocate for their needs.  • Collaborative. You enjoy working on agile teams with other designers, product managers and engineers. You’re a team player who puts the interest of the team above your own. You display a positive attitude, are open and enjoy helping others, which contributes to your respected leadership on the team.  • A successful juggler. You don’t get overwhelmed or flustered easily. You’re able to keep track of multiple priorities at once, manage you and your teams time efficiently and appropriately communicate scheduling with the broader team.  We are looking for an experienced front-end developer that is looking for room to lead and grow into a full stack engineer.  UI/UX software Engineer III (React.js) Basic Qualifications: - Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work/military experience At least 5 years of experience with of UI/UX web development  2+ years of experience with React.js - 2+ years of experience of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript  duties and responsibilities • Build responsive web pages using React  • Design/Build/Test reusable components and contribute back to a company component library. • Present Beautiful pages of data and collaborate to design a better user experience. • Collaborate and work closely with product owners and team members sharing and mentoring and learning from each other • Learn the user workflow and strive to be a subject matter expert  • Suggest improvements and be willing to change the front-end architecture  • Possibly assist in the design and development of Java APIs to support the front-end pages • Experience with JavaScript • Experience with REACT.js • Experience with Node.js • Experience with HTML/CSS • Experience with REST API's • Experience with single page apps • experience with redux, webpack, express, babel, jwt and other dependencies
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