Business Analyst Dubuque, IA Professional

Business Analyst Operations Wage: $22/hour Contract: 1st shift onsite Location: Dubuque IA Prefers candidates with 4 year degree in business or related capacity. • Works in DNS - PRIM3 for Manufactured Products - makes update to SDE Table o Ensure data is valid o Parameters • Replenish locations and Accounting Units o End date / unstock dates need to be moved o Makes sure new pricing loads o Update info on WISE o SDE table (adopt/cancel/change) o Does not get workflow from SAP, Business Analysts get workflow and goes out to tables to work items in queue o Cancelling / Adopting Cancel Pending - works a list o DWQ - Decisions Work Queue o EEDR - ECM Effective Date Requests o DTAC person reaches out to Decisions people, and Decisions people reaches out to POF Analyst o Creates buy / sell relationships for new parts o Uptime Maintenance Process o Receives a list of parts from CSP (Customer Service Planners) with service intervals to upload to the parts catalogue
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