RelocationTrailing Family Program

A move often impacts more than one person. The work opportunities available within a community for the entire family are equally important as the main career transition. Through the Trailing Family Program, we hope to make the transition smoother by assisting in your job search by learning techniques that work locally, helping a person become familiar with local resources, and providing emotional support during the change and adjustment to new surroundings.

During your transition it is important to become connected to the community, make friends, and grow to embrace the tri-state area as your home. Employment is just one way to be involved. The Trailing Family program works to connect family members of new hires in the area to the many businesses that exist in the tri-state area.

Sedona Staffing Services, Tri-State Human Resource Association (TRIHRA) and the Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce are working to help you and welcome you to the Dubuque area. The Trailing Family program is designed to be easy and effective. Take the first step by contacting your family member’s HR director and let him/her know you are interested in being part of the Trailing Family Program.

Contact Rae Ann Parks to learn more about this program and its benefits:

Rae Ann ParksRae Ann Parks 
HR Generalist
Phone: 563.556.3040 x 234
Toll Free: 800.383.7641